What Is Permanent Alternate Accommodation Agreement

. have made individual arrangements with each member, which they call „transfer agreements,“ to move them from the area of their profession to another temporary accommodation. The „Travel Agreement“ offers f. This agreement on alternative permanent accommodation was agreed in the „travel agreement“ in order to. (ii) the parties had agreed, in accordance with clause 13 of the travel agreement, that a definitive alternative permanent accommodation agreement between the . they would enter into an agreement with the petitioner on another permanent dwelling and go to the office of the Sub-Registrar of Insurance for the registration of the agreement. a gift to respondent No. 1, on the basis of which the internal issue was resolved and, consequently, its customers offer the alternative accommodation contract of indefinite duration. However, with regard to ownership through new homes in the new project that the builder makes available to existing members in accordance with the development contract, a separate agreement – a „permanent alternative accommodation agreement“ – must be concluded. .