Bridge Partnership Agreement Checklist

It covers, in my view, the important areas that need to be addressed by all regular partnerships. These aren`t really conventions or must-play treatments. What I am trying to do is prevent accidents. For a new partner checklist that will prepare you in 15 minutes with a new partner on deck: click here. You need to keep playing while perfecting this checklist for long-term partnerships. Train well with your partner! Use this checklist for long-term partnerships to make sure you`re ready to win the bridge. Also to have a solid and complete technique and partnership. You will enjoy not only a good player, but also bridge like never before. If you`re determined, try to complete this checklist within a few months. Remember, Bridge is a partnership, the slowest of the partner will present the pace. Playing 2/1 GF? Most people who read it will, so here`s a checklist: 7) Dbl = Penalty Bids = 2-suited: the lowest of a 2-Suiteer (without partner combination). 2N=Limit-Raise+ Jumps=weak8a) At level 3, nothing to say. On 4+ level — control denies, but more encouraging than the return to trumpenanzug8b) On 3 levels — values in this costume; Stopper, encouraging.

At 4+level: control (1st or 2nd round) 8c) Lowest action at each level. No control/stop8d) On 3 levels – one punt. At 4+ level — 1st Round Control9) If you double a Stayman offer, I like this treatment (but it contains memory!): XX = Business (usually 5 decent clubs) Direct response to Stayman (What it would always mean, but NO STOP IN CLUBS!) Pass=Any Club Stopper(s) — and the Bidder Stayman doubles to repeat Stayman`s request If you double the Jacoby transfer: Redouble=3 trumpft, maximum (this is very dangerous!!!) Opener`s Pass of the Double shows a doubleton in costume that is transferred on the openers acceptance of the transfer, directly displays exactly 3 assets and a minimum (it with max) Openers show other commandments 4 Asset If you double Texas: Opener`s Pass is neutral – ready to play on another side. Its XX =Extras and a control10) Imperative to make the correspondence or notrump. By a PH: same11) Force only 2. All future linebackers are penalties.12) Unless the grades (or on this checklist) are not defined, ALL DOUBLES of 1 and 2 levels are NEVER Penalty13) Unless the grades (or on this checklist) are not defined, the passport is only imposed if 100% is “obvious”. 14) No, No15) Extras — good hand — don`t be afraid (in either case)16) In general, use any 2NT in-comp as UN natural. The default value is “Takeout / Scrambling”, if it ever could be. Example: 1 (P) 1NT (P) P (2) P (P) 2NT — is a kind: 7 5 44 3K J 8A J 10 8 3.

Example: 1 (2) P (P) X (P) 2NT — is something like: 8765 42 J32 J432 (Scrambling).17) The double of his artificial costume shows this costume – type of lead (low level = length). . . .