Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement

“We appreciate the trust shown in us by the members of the Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement and look forward to ensuring that their cables are effectively protected,” said John Walters, Maintenance Manager, Global Marine. “The resilience of communications networks across the Atlantic and western South America is crucial for businesses and consumers, and the global navy is proud to once again support these important connections.” ACMA`s sole focus is cable repair and maintenance in the Atlantic, with 61 members from the telecommunications, electrical cable, and oil and gas industry. Global Marine Systems Limited, a global leader in the design, installation and maintenance of submarine cable systems, today announced that it has been awarded the contract for the renewal of the Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement (ACMA) with its Atlantic maintenance services partner, Orange Marine. The new contract started on 1 January 2017 and has a duration of five years until December 2021. The PIOCMA agreement includes the NAZ, Yokohama zone and SEAIOCMA agreements. It provides mutual assistance following natural disasters and provides risk management solutions for consortium members. The last time PIOCMA was called was during the earthquake in Taiwan in 2006, which significantly slowed down internet traffic. More recently, PIOCMA was on high alert after the 2011 Japanese tsunami, although it was not called. Each maintenance contract covers cables in the same area. This is particularly important given the persistence of the pandemic and the increased reliance on the digital economy and submarine cable connectivity. I also thank the suppliers, especially their naval employees, for their consistently high level of performance, despite the many pandemic restrictions and challenges facing the marine industry around the world.¬†Global Marine`s special maintenance vessels, wave Sentinel and Pacific Guardian, will serve ACMA17 from their respective bases in Portland, UK and Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. Both vessels are equipped with powerful remote-controlled vehicles from the Atlas and ST200 series, which offer flexible and efficient solutions for monitoring, cutting and burying cables. .