Outline Agreement Release Strategy

Thus, it will contain all the features used for the commands, so that in this case there may be a conflict, why your purchase parts/contract do not choose the sharing policy, so that this does not avoid keeping certain values in the properties, or else you can select the empty value and then save and then test that it works. You don`t need to create a separate release group, you can use the same release group. We can have many different strategies for different situations. You can set, for example. B, a sharing policy that depends on occupancy, you can set a sharing strategy based on the purchase organization, buying group or other important information for a purchase letter. All unlocking procedures for the purchase of documents are based on the same CEKKO communication structure. Also use other ID lines than the type of document, that is, when you assign the output class, you must have assigned the same version class to the newly created release group you use for PO. You cannot create an order under a contract (call), unless that contract has been released (approved) In the contracts, the target value (EKKO-KTWRT) is used for the publication published by ha_tran (Senior SAPSupply Chain Business Analyst) on February 9 at 10:47 pm, check this response as usefulMark as useful Hello, you must use ME35 to release your contract. Cheers, HT You can test a sharing policy used by the purchase document by clicking on the “Exit Strategy” button on the screen above. You can also simulate the policy output with the “Simulate Release” button. Therefore, in order to distinguish between sharing strategies for PO, SA, contract and etc, you should be correct for the output article 2 for PO, the item planning is carried out and used for the step 1 release strategy) We define a sharing strategy that only requires a manual sharing for purchase documents worth more than EUR 100. If z.B we have a po worth 50 eur, it will be automatically released (there is no need to do so).

An order greater than 100 eur would require unlocking. Cancellation of a version is not possible if your publishing policy does not allow the publication to be cancelled. This is a parameter that is maintained at the exit indicators and exit strategy. Step 6) We can see that our order is made of a value of more than 100 eur. If we create an order for less than 100 euros, it will be automatically released. You must use ME35K to release your contract. Step 1) Disclosure of purchase documents must be cancelled so that previously declassified documents can be amended. If the system has to offer all purchase documents that are cancellable, set the indicator. Tks for your information, then, how to publish the contract PO? I can`t use me28 neitherme29n as in ordinary PO. Any suggestions? In most cases, one of the most commonly used sharing strategies is based on the value of the purchase document. I created a new version group, a new release strategy, I checked the conditions and so on and for the first test, I only use a strategy based on the characteristic document type.