Fema State Agreement Template

You will find information on the granting of grants as part of the public assistance policy: www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/96773 Note that most existing contract contracts of the state and counties are not eligible for FEMA reimbursement, so advance planning and understanding of the new rules are extremely important. a) General. After a major disaster or emergency is de reported, the state governor and the regional administrator of FEMA, or its agent for the federal government, execute a FEMA state agreement. The FEMA State Agreement sets out the terms, obligations and conditions of aid in the context in which disaster assistance is to be provided. The agreement obliges FEMA, states, their local governments and private non-profit organizations within states under the form of legally enforceable conditions for assistance. No FEMA funding is authorized or made available to fellows or other recipients, and direct federal assistance is not authorized by mission mandate until this agreement is signed for the President`s statement, unless the Regional Administrator considers it necessary to begin the process of providing essential emergency services or housing assistance under the program for individuals and households. (c) the provisions relating to the amendment. In the event that the conditions set out in the original agreement are amended or amended, these changes are reflected by duly implemented amendments to the agreement that can be signed by the GAR and the regional administrator or its representative for the major disaster or emergency agreement indicated. Changes are most common to close or modify the intervention period to add forms of assistance that were not originally authorized or to designate additional areas eligible for assistance. This form is used to document the rental equipment used and the associated costs. (d) In an amended declaration in the event of a federal emergency, a FEMA state agreement may or may not be required based on the nature of the assistance provided.

This form is used to document performance account expenses for eligible projects.